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Leverage the "Shop with Me" online video trend...

The ShopWithMe Concept

ShopWithMe is an exciting new platform that offers retailers the opportunity to leverage the "ShopWithMe" trend in online video and harness the attention of hard-to-reach target customers.

We'll partner you with influencers to become the brand ambassador to each of your local stores.

Content creators with the right fit for your brand will be asked to come and film in your stores to discover and promote the products that grab their eye.  

Our second-screen app, with Audio Watermarking technology from Intrasonics, connecting with consumers at the right moment to convert interest into intent - by presenting immediate options to purchase.

And, to help drive bricks-and-mortar store visits from new customers, our app will unlock exclusive in-store discounts when consumers watch to the end of a video and are exposed to the full number of featured products.

In return for the valuable exposure and generated business from influencer-led promotions, you'll award affiliate revenue for online sales, and a small referral fee for new customer walk-ins.  We believe that by taking an active part in the "Shop with Me" trend, retailers can gain some control of how their brand is being representated online and increase their reach with a network of vetted local influencers.

From the analytics our app generates you'll learn how effective influencer marketing can be, how many new sales are generated from video and, by bridging the two different worlds, how many customers were influenced to purchase items in-store.

How it Works

ShopWithMe helps you increase reach, product discovery & sales

Meet your Local Ambassadors

ShopWithMe will source the ideal influencer to become a local brand ambassador for each of your stores. By using talent local to each store, you can create buzz and more immediacy for local consumers.

We will work with Store Managers to arrange a filming schedule for each outlet so you can start benefitting from regular exposure online.

Share your Product Database

Access to your database to retrieve product information enables us to automate the display of your products within the ShopWithMe app, prompting consumers to buy as they watch.

Influencers will scan the labels of in-store items collecting a list of EAN/UPC barcodes that we'll supply to you. Having programmatic access to match to product information is preferred.

Accurately measure results

ShopWithMe is unique in offering retailers the possibility of tracking the origins of influence for in-store visits.

We'll generate 1D barcodes compatible with your POS system that attribute sales made in-store to the "Shop with Me" video starting the purchase journey for the consumer.

In addition, we'll work with you to integrate affiliate tracking for online sales,

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