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Become a local brand ambassador for a retailer near you...

The ShopWithMe Concept

ShopWithMe is an exciting new platform that offers influencers the chance to make some money from "Shop with Me" videos.

We'll partner you with retailers to become the brand ambassador for your local store.  

You'll be welcomed to film your content in-store without a script, in the way you prefer - staying authentic to your personal brand - with the aim of sharing the in-store shopping experience, your taste and personal opinions with your audience.

Our second-screen app, with Audio Watermarking technology from Intrasonics, will allow your viewers to enjoy a richer experience with product information shown automatically at the time you discuss them in the video.  You will receive affiliate revenue for any purchases made by as a result of a viewer clicking through to buy from the app.  

Furthermore, our app will unlock exclusive in-store discounts for your audience if they watch to the end of your video.  Any new footfall attributed to the influence of your video will be rewarded too.

We have taken a video format that has emerged organically from sites like YouTube and built a promotional platform that rewards retailers, content creators and consumers.  

Interested in how this could work for you?  Register your details and let's talk!

How it Works

ShopWithMe helps you get the most from your content

Meet & Film with Retailers

ShopWithMe will introduce you to one or more high-street retailers with stores in your local area.

We will arrange access for you to film within the store, and discuss options for repeat visits.

Curate a Product List

Use the app to scan barcodes to record the items that grabbed your attention as you film.

These items you interacted with will then be added to a list online you can pick from when you prepare your video.

Prepare & Encode your Video

Upload your video to our servers and tag the products that feature in your final edit, adding a personal note to each of them.

Audio triggers will be added to your video to attribute any in-store visits you influence and trigger product information to viewers.

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