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Partnering Influencers & Retailers

Measurably increases store visits, generates online sales and offers 
new income opportunities for content creators.

The ShopWithMe App enables consumers to easily discover and buy the products they see in "Shop with Me" videos

Watch with the App

Our second-screen app helps influencers create engagement and generate revenue from the interest of their subscribers.

Discover & Buy

Product information is automatically displayed in sync with what is currently being shown in the video.

In-Store Rewards

Consumers earn exclusive discount vouchers by watching 
“Shop with Me” videos to activate and redeem at their local store.

What are "Shop with Me" Videos?

A growing trend on sites like YouTube, "Shop with Me" videos showcase products and the in-store shopping experience.

The format:  An influencer films themselves browsing inside a retail store, picking out and commenting on items that grab their interest. Natural, enthusiastic delivery from the influencer makes the viewer feel part of the shopping trip and showcases the in-store experience in a fun and engaging way.

Why are they popular?
Since there are almost always new products to see in-store, producing a "Shop with Me" video is a
 quick-win for content creators looking to shoot something interesting to maintain a regular upload schedule.  As a result, much like the established "Haul" and "Try On" video formats, vloggers are often shooting "Shop with Me" videos without any direct involvement from retailers.   Viewers love watching this type of content and feeling part of the experience.  

Better Together
We created ShopWithMe to bring retailers and influencers together for mutal benefit.  Retailers benefit from regular, exposure on social video platforms and content creators are rewarded for producing engaging content that results in sales whether online or in-store.

“Watching a 'Shop with Me' video is like shopping with your friend…”

”…I’ve heard from fans who had no intention of buying things in stores but ended up changing their minds when they saw how easy and fun it can be.”

Amber Scholl

2.7M Subscribers, YouTube

Watch & Buy with the ShopWithMe App.

Using Audio Watermarking technology from Intrasonics, we've created the perfect plaform for retailers to capitalise on the energy and buzz of influencer-led shopping. Our app makes it possible for consumers to easily find featured products, adds timely buy prompts and unambiguously attribute bricks-and-mortar store visits by consumers to the specific videos that started their purchase journey.

The ShopWithMe app enables content creators to implicitly handle promotions by delegate task-focused activities to the mobile screens of subscribers. Leveraging the additional screen real-estate the smartphone affords keeps content flowing, authentic and less 'pushy'.

Retailers can leverage the talents, personality and popularity of influencers who have the attention of their target market and content creators can profit from doing what they do best.

Content creators can now easily profit from a format that has emerged organically and is enjoyed by many consumers on the internet.

Key Benefits for Influencers

  • Create a rich and engaging companion experience to your videos.
  • Get paid for your unique talent in creating "Shop with Me" videos.  
  • Become an ambassador for the local store of a UK retailer near you.  
  • Make money when subscribers shop via affiliate links 
  • Offer exclusive discounts to your subscribers.
  • Collect a referral fee when subscribers make a purchase in-store.

Shoppers Love Video

These insights from Google show how important online video and purchase friction has become for retailers

"Shop with Me" Trend

In the past two years, watch time of "Shop with Me" videos has grown over 10x on mobile alone.

Ideas & Inspiration

Nearly two-thirds of shoppers say online video has given them ideas and inspiration for their purchase.

Research Tool

80% of shoppers who watched a YouTube video related to a planned purchase said they watched it at the start of their shopping process.

Purchase Friction

69% abandon a site or app because there are too many steps to purchase.

Key Benefits for Retailers

  • Reach more of your target market through social media.
  • Leverage trusted relationships built over time by influencers.
  • Harness the "Shop with Me" trend and find ambassadors for each of your local stores.
  • Attribute footfall to particular videos.
  • Get more from local marketing budgets through influencer marketing

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